Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow!!

So we got hit with another snow storm last week! This time we got about 12-15inches and got to spend another day in the house together ha! The next few days we got some novelty snow and it was soo pretty and fun to be outside in!! Kyle got together with the neighbors and made a 10 foot snowman ha!! It was pretty awesome and pictures just don't do it justice but I will put some up anyways :)!! We are expecting more snow this week so maybe we can build igloos or something haha. I absolutely LOVE the snow and can't wait for more ha!!

That's Kyle on the top ha can you see him?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

So since Christmas we have had 2 major snow storms!! The first one was literally a blizzard which had us stuck in the house for about 3 days! It snowed on Sunday into Monday and they didn't even plow our road till Tuesday at was crazy haha!! I loved it though..Kyle and I made the best of it with a ton of junk food, movies, books, Guitar Hero and Assassins Creed ha!! We got over a foot of snow that storm so it was hard to go out and play in it because you would sink haha...we had to shovel a path for Amos in the backyard ha!! The second storm was this past Tuesday night and it was just Amos and I this time!! We got about 7inchs so Amos and I were able to go play in it!! He was sooo funny in the snow..he would just run around and then jump through the deep snow..ha he looked like a dolphin. I tried to get a good video but I had a hard time ha but I will show you what I got. I did get some awesome pics of his ears flopping about though haha!! Enjoy!!

You will want to mute this so you don't hear the wind and my annoying voice haha!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time! I forgot my password since I set up my blog with my NMSU account and wasn't able to get on until I got everything straightened out ha! Thanks to my brother-in-law Christian I am up and running again though.

A lot has happened since the Spouse Flight! I have disenrolled from NMSU and am now working on getting into Dental Hygeine school at BCC! I just have a few pre-reqs to finish so hopefully they will let me in Fall 2011!! I even passed the entrance exam on the first try so hopefully that will help my chances (I have heard that it takes most people 2 or 3 times to pass)!!!

Things in New Jersey have pretty much been the same. Kyle and I are both working and in school so a lot of our time is spent in the books or sleeping haha! My sweet husband does find time to take me to NYC and see amazing shows though!! The latestest was Promises Promises starring Kristen Chenoweth :D!!! She is one of my all time favorite Broadway stars so I was super excited to sit in the best seats in the house AND I even got to meet her!! I shook her hand and everything it was sooooo AWESOME HA!! Kyle snapped a shot of her but she doesn't like flashes and it was very crowded so the pic came out blurry :(!! Oh well I will never forget that night!!!

Christmas has come and gone and we had a wonderful time!! Although we missed our family very much we had really enjoyed it being just the two of us! The day after Christmas we had a blizzard (I am not kidding) so we were snowed in the house for about 3 days!!!! Thankfully we had lots of left over Ham and Guitar Hero to get us through it haha!! We were even prepared for the snow with a shovel this year....Kyle will no longer have to use a garbage can lid to shovel the driveway hahahaha!!!

It is now 2011 and here we are ha!! New Years was spent with our wonderful church family and we celebrated well!! My resolutions are to get in better touch with far away friends, blog more, and get in better shape of course ha!! Well I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and that your New Year is very blessed! Here are some pics for you......ENJOY!!

Us in Central Park taking a stroll before dinner and the show!

Kristen Chenoweth!!!!!! She is too cute but super short ha!! Love her!!

The best thing about Christmas in NYC!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spouse Flight

Last Saturday I got to do one of the most amazing things ever in my life :)!! I got to go on a spouse flight on the KC-10!! This is the aircraft that Kyle works on and I got to see what my awesome hubby gets to do when he is in the air! There were two planes that went up that day I was on one and Kyle was the boom on the other one (so I got to watch him refuel our plane). My plane had 19 passengers and (lucky me) I got picked to sit in the cock-pit when we took off!! It was sooooo amazing...I have always wanted to do that :)!! I even got to wear a head set like the pilots haha!! We came up right under the plane that Kyle was on and I got to see him refuel :) I could even see him in his little boom window, we were so close that we were able to wave at eachother!! It was funny because while Kyle was doing his thing the guys on my plane were all tell him hi over the radio ha I don't know why they found that so amusing but it was neat ha!

I totally have a new respect for what Kyle and all men and women in the Air Force do :)!! Military people are awesome and they would die for you so thank them :D!!

Well here are some pics of my adventure...I am sorry they aren't better..I forgot my camera so I had to use my cell...but it's better than nothing ha!

This one wasn't from the Spouse Flight but I like it...Kyle and I in the cock-pit of a KC-10!
I wish it wasn't dark...oh well ha!

One of the Pilots (I can't remember names sorry).

So many buttons....

Me in the Cock-Pit :D!!!

My view from the Cock-Pit..that is Kyles plane in the distance!

Kyle refueling us (this is also from the cock-pit) crazy huh?!?!?!

This is the view that Kyle gets all the time..we are refueling his plane! It seems like you could just fall out that window haha it is some clean glass/plastic haha!

Me with the boom and that's my neighbor Christine in the back!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So this past couple of weeks Kyle and I have had some visitors. First Chelsea and Jon came to see us and we took them all over ha! We went to NYC, Statue of Liberty (from the Jersey side), and Philly! We also went to the Grounds for Sculpture which was....interesting ha! We all had fun though! :)
Then Kyle's dad came for a short visit. We got to relax a bit with him because he had already seen most of the sights. We did go to Philly though and I finally got to see Independence Hall! It was awesome! Just to say that I have been in the same room where the Decleration was signed is amazing..ha I am such a nerd I know but I love it! I am hoping that we can go back on July 8th when they read the Decleration in the square to the public!! They dress up and make a whole show of it..I am sure that it will be a ton of fun! We also went to the farmers market where I found a beautiful flower plant to put in my garden (but more on that in the next post)!
Also, Kyle and I just celebrated 2 wonderful years of marriage. For our anniversary Kyle booked a night at a Bed and Breakfast by the Jersey shore and a couples massage and pedicure which was just total bliss! I highly recommend a massage if you have never had one...they are sooo worth the money! I told Kyle that we will have to invest more into them ha! Our first time at the beach was a lot of fun although, we will be sure to put on lots of sunscreen next time ha! We both looked like lobsters when we got home but it was worth it ha!

Kissing the War Goodbye sculpture. It is HUGE!
That's Chelsea's head on the bottom right ha it shows how huge this piece is!

Chelsea with the Tiger ha!

Me and Chels standing in line with the statues ha.

Kyle and I being silly!

Danny, Kyle, and I at the Liberty Bell!

Independence Hall!!!!

Kyle and I at the Jersey shore (Long Branch)!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Been A While!!

So a lot has happened since Christmas ha and I thought I should update the world on my life!! Well, Kyle got home from his deployment in Feb and life has been bliss :D!! I became and aunt again, dyed my hair brown (which will go back to blond before Melissa's wedding ha), my grandparents came to visit, I have got a job at PetSmart ugh, and I am another year older ha! We have also been attending a wonderful new congregation at Tabernacle Church of Christ and it has been so great. We fit right in and feel so very's like they have known us all our lives.Well, I guess that really isn't a lot of things when I write it down but, it sure felt like a lot ha! So here are some random pics from the past few months to entertain you :D!! I promise to blog more often now ha!

I now have three nephews!! They are:

Keegan :)!!

Cohen :)!!

and Chase :)!!

Kyle and I after he got home :D!

My awesome birthday present! Don't I have the best hubby ever?!?

I took my grandparents to NYC!! They of course wanted to see Strawberry Fields ha!

We went on a carriage ride in Central Park! It was freezing ha!

Me and Grams :)!

I am sorry I don't have more NYC pics but my camera died after the carriage ride :( bummer! We did get to go see Katherine Zita Jones and Angela Lansbury in A Little Night Music and it was wonderful!! When Katherine sang "Bring in the Clowns" the whole audience was in tears!! Best show on Broadway I have seen thus far :)!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

Since Kyle is deployed I went home for Christmas. It was a ton of fun (of course not as much fun as it could have been if Kyle would have been there) and it was great getting to see all of my family! Everyone was there this Christmas except for Kyle, Tristan, and Shelby (not too bad for all of us ha). I also got to meet one of the cutest babies EVER, my second nephew Chase. I had a blast with all my fam and I am so grateful that I was able to go home :)! I forgot my camera....but don't worry I stole some pics from Amy ha. Happy New Year everyone!

Me and baby Chase....he is soooo cute :)...

My mom, me and Chase!

Mom, Savannah, me and Chase.

Four Generations!

Me, Amy, Savannah, and Chase.

I love this pic ha!

The Flinko girls and Chase :)!

The whole Family...minus Kyle, Tristan, and Shelby!